Mustard - My new best friend!


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Ok, I admit it...I was reluctant to try it, but tonight I decided to use mustard as a mask on my knees. As the "hot dog" smell filled my nostriles, I questioned my decision - but no! I was determined to try it...

It turned out awesome!

I can't believe how easy it was, and how nice my "scratches" turned out. I don't know who came up with this idea but (y) !

I only wish I had found that idea long before I started painting everything - what a time-saver and easy way to make your paint flakes look good!
I think TK-409 can be credited with that one. I have been using it on all my stuff for a while now and everytime I mention it someone posts that I am crazy. But like you said it turns out great.

fettcicle wrote:

But how do they taste? :D

Like chicken!

But seriously, if it was Chris then he's even more "the man" than he was before. It's just too cool, how well they look and how much time I saved. When I did my helmet it took me hours to tape stuff off, and some of the battle damage doesn't look half as good.

If it was you, TK-409 - Bucket off to ya!
It doesn't stain when I do it I can wipe it off with my fingers or something. If it does leave a little residue or something I do a black wash over the entire thing to make it look more dirty and that takes it all off.
I've heard members mention this before. Please explain what and how you are doing it. Are you painting parts silver, then putting mustard where the scratches are, then painting the yellow over the mustard? I need to do some serious painting in the next few days and need some help. I have to re-paint a set of Fett knee pieces and re-paint my entire ESB jet pack. What paints did you use for your knees? Thanks! :D

John Barrows, Jr.
Yes you have the process correct, paint everything silver let it dry completley. Then apply the mustard where you want the scratches, let that dry completley. Then paint your colors over it, let it dry almost all the way, then scratch the mustard off. If it leaves little hints of yellow on there you can just take a wet paper towl to wipe it all off. Make sure you don't use something really sharp to scratch because it might scratch off the silver also, I use my fingernails.
I promise I'm not "taking the p*ss" here, coz this might sound silly, but I tend yo use French mustard, believe it or not it's not as brightly yellow, and there's less of a risk of staining.
I don't wait for it to dry hard, and after it's painted I just wipe it off with a wet dishcloth.

I've tried liquid mask and went back to the mustard in a flash
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