Multiple Zam Costumes?


So, I know there are at least 2 different copies of the purple neoprene shirt, because the Visual Dictionary and the MoM pictures don't match each other in the way the arm seams are done in addition to the colors being different, which could have just been lighting. My question is...

Are there 2 different vests too? My leather expert seems to think there was a lighter colored one for low-light scenes (in the museum) and a darker one for the promo shots, the visual dictionary and lighter scenes. Anyone else agree/disagree? What do you all think? I see where she's coming from, because that would explain a lot of the discrepancies in color we've been seeing...

Thanks for your input!



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It's tough to say for sure but I would bet that the vest at MOM is lighter cause the paint wore off during filming and the VD shots are pre-production. The greeblies are pretty worn as well.

Also, as an FYI the shin guards were put on the wrong legs for the MOM display.


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Don't they usually make 2 versions of each costume? One "working" version and a "hero" version for publicity shots, etc? That would make sense to me in regards to the differences you noticed Iceheart... and for the differences in color I've noticed from the various pics.

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Definately more than 1. The ovary bits are different. I noticed several spots that were different between the hero suit and the MOM one. So definately yes.


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For a character featured so prominantly, there were certainly more than 2. There were probably different numbers of each of the costume's elements- there were probably more 'soft' parts than hard parts for the purposes of laundering and fitting several people (stuntpersons).

As to color, it is unlikely there would be different color costumes made for different scenes- that is what the lighting guys are for. Don't ever assume that because you have pictures that seem to show wildly different colors that you are looking at two different objects/costumes. Lighting and photography itself can change the color of what you are seeing. Keep in mind that there is almost no such thing as a light used on the set that doesn't have SOME kind of color filter over it.