Jedi killa 73

New Hunter
Who makes these...looking at it it seems to be the best looking one (IMHO) there is out there.

Reason i ask i am in the market and dont know which one to go with.

Any suggestions would be a great help.
Sadly these are not being offered any more as well from what I understand. That leaves Boba Maker.... Sargent Fang, SkyGunBro and errr... thats kinda it unless Termanal Fettler is making more of his.
i'm also a big fan of the MS3.

the TF helmet looks really nice from the pics i've seen, but i've never seen one up close.

the bobamaker helmet i saw was really good too.

skygunbro's seems a bit on the small side, and the MLC a bit on the large side. either of those cases could be good for you depending on height.

the sgtfang ones just don't do it for me, aside from being a cool bit of fett history.

all this reminds me... i really want to pick up a second bucket to paint up ESB style.
BobaMaker makes a RotJ helmet? Is this something new?


this is mediaguypj's bobamaker helmet, painted by bm.
Yea I am with you Bob no matter what other helmets come out I will not sell my MSH2 ever. I might buy another helmet some day but my MSH2 remains my favorite.

Now I just wish the man would make another run of them so I could get another one.
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