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We are starting this thread again as the last thread got out of hand.

Once again, the code of conduct:


Treat others as you would like to be treated. Respect fellow members and their opinions. Respect must be extended to each and every member, the administrative staff included.

This applies to major companies as well as individuals. If you do not care for the MR helmet or their production efforts, it is fine to voice your opinion but do not turn this into a bash-fest.

I don't know either....????:confused

I thought this was some pretty good stuff being shared....what a shame.

SO now what??
I don't even know where to start.??:confused
They'll probably put all the good stuff back in soon ...

Sheesh .. I step away for a few minutes and it was gone??

You guys are funny...

Seriously....Let's try again....this time "NICER".:)

I'll even start it:
I agree the shape looks very good....however the paint job does not look very impressive at this point. I hear it is only a mock up and not the "paint master"

do you think the paint master will be a improvement?????

I personally dont think they will be able to mass produce these and do a good job!!

somebody needs to post the pic of the helmet.
I will try and snag some pictures of the helmet tomorrow for everyone to take a better look at, as I am going back to the show.

um.. what happened? like i said afew min before this got redone for some reason i think this helmet would look pretty ok with an new Paintjob & alittle bondo owr. i really like how it has the ear mounts extended out like on the real helmet.

BTW FP I sent you an important PM. :)
I don't understand why everyone is blowing this whole thing out of proportion?! How can you begin to bash something that has yet to be finished. Nothing MR or anyone else puts out will meet every fan/collectors desires. So why not wait for it to come out fully finished before you put the screws to it.
Just my 2 cents.

It's a step in the right direction and it might be hard to believe but NOT every fan and Collector belongs to TDH. Only us hardcore freeks who have nothing beter to do than scrutinize Fett to death. Its true, its true... there are people out there who have never heard of TDH.... ..Crazy huh?!
Why do we tear things like the MR Fett apart, two reasons... becase we CAN and becase its entertaining to do so! Thats my 2 Cents. :)
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