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Hey Guys,

Here's the first look at the new MOWS- Rebels vs Empire Bracelet. The epic story of good vs evil, totally immersive worlds beautifully machined in leather and aluminum.

Nine classic SW symbols..
Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, First Order, Separatists, Sith Empire, Mandalorian Crest, Galactic Republic, Boba Fett Crest, Jedi Order.

Wear with confidence, inspire the imagination and makes a great conversation piece. Made by professionals so the quality is excellent. Production is about to begin on this beautifully crafted bracelet. Its sure to sell out fast! Scheduled arrival is April 12.

Pre order yours now while supplies last and take advantage of free U.S. domestic shipping for a limited time only. Use promo code 'Rebel vs Empire' @ MOWS 'Rebels vs Empire' Bracelet

Available is sizes S-M-L

Wrist Chart.jpg

Bracelet1-13.jpg Bracelet3-13.jpg Bracelet5-13.jpg Bracelet12-13.jpg Bracelet10-13.jpg Bracelet11-13.jpg Bracelet13-13.jpg

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