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Hey Guys,

Here's an update for those still patiently waiting for your pre-ordered set of gauntlets..

I'm at a stand-still until the temperatures get at or above freezing here

I could manage a few weeks ago with the temperatures at or around the freezing mark. The resin took several hours to cure between each coat and I apply six coats and follow up with two reinforced coats. With the help of electric heaters and such I slowly moved along but now it's in the teens and has been since last Thursday. I can handle the cold weather in fact I like it but grinding away at fiberglass in 12 degree temperatures makes the fiberglass extremely brittle and as a result has caused a lot of chipping and breakage which sucks !

I'm hoping by the end of the week the temperatures will have gone up some and I can resume work but for now I'm SOOL

Sorry guys,

p.s. This is me in my garage 2 days ago, just look at my freak'n workbench !
NOOOOOOOO ....o well. i got to wait till the 13th for my new airbush kit any way. do you think you'll have mine done buy then christian?

for those of you who are waiting I can tell you that when you get them you will be very happy...I am in the process of painting mine and they are truly incredible!!
Thanks guys for understanding my situation and for your patience.

I promise to get all remaining sets completed and shipped just as soon as I can.

Take care,
And I thought we had it bad. But in your right hand, why on earth do you have a shotgun? :lol: I mean neighbors can be hostile, but that hostile!? :lol:
/I hope everything turns out well for you!
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