MoW Jetpack Harness


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Does anyone use the MoW Jetpack Harness? Ive recently bought one as I think it’d be better with my back problems and more comfortable then then scuba tank (which I’ve had before), but there aren’t many photos of how to rig it up, especially with the black scuba diver belt!

Any photos or guidance people have would be absolutely amazing!!



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I was going to purchase one but they are out of stock right now sadly :(. My back problems don’t like the scuba set up.. have you recieved your vest yet? If so how long are the straps?


Hi I’m Bobert!
It doesn't look like you'll be able to connect a web belt with buckle like the traditional scuba tank harness.

You might just want to sew the web belt on each side for accurate sake and wrap it around your body.