Mother's Day rant


Okay, so I'm sitting here staring at my lovely Mother's Day bouquet and thinking, "Couldn't they have gotten me a dremel for the price of these lovely flowers?" "Or a nice piece of armor?"

Not very motherly thinking, even for the Grandma Assassin. I guess it's just that I'm pissed that ~I~ never ( in ANY of those divorce proceedings)got cusody of ~tools~. My own fault, really, for preferring custody of stuff like stinky children and dumb dogs. NEXT TIME, I'm going for custody of the TOOLS. (I could learn to use them, yes, I could.)

So I use my anger and take a potato peeler (I always get custody of those), and I use it to enlarge the holes in my helmet so I can attach my new binocs piece. And yeah, it worked. Who needs dremels?

Now, I wonder if a steak knife would work on that Wonderflex stuff....
One thing that my mom does is when ever I'm over there she looks at a flier going "Oh look, These are on sale" which usually means she wants it. Last year for mothers day I got her a couple hanging fuchsias, cuz that's what she wanted. But for her birthday I got her a router, because she kept saying how her table saw could be a router table too.

so basically kind of annoyingly tell your kids what you want over and over but don't tell them to get it for you. phrases like "It would be nice to have..." and I wish I could afford..." are great guilt trip phrases that'll stick with them for days.
I feel for you ZamGram, There are a few thing I could've used too, but didn't get. Though, my daughter did make me a nice stepping stone for the garden. :) Better than last years chocolates that I couldn't even eat. :lol: (Hubby scarfed those down in no time... )
needless to say...happy mothers day to all the moms in the zam deserve a break today....

btw does being mr. mom count?
One of the first things I did when Rose and I moved together was buy her a dremel and a face shield of her own... ;)

Happy mom day to every one!
Well, my kids are all up north, and I'm in Florida, so it's a little hard to drop hints. And my grandchild is in New Mexico, and is too young to even know what Star Wars is! (I know, I know, she's not being brought up right...I'm waiting for her to turn 5 or 6 before showing her A New Hope and starting to give her the little Burger King collectibles.)

The flowers were more than I usually get, anyway. It's not a big deal. I think I was just feeling sorry for myself! I could save up and buy my own tools if...I wasn't saving for Zam pieces made by folks with more talent than myself! Even with a full shop of tools, I couldn't match what some of ya'll are doing.

By the way, I found a great maroon/purple leather coat at the Goodwill store for less than $5. I'm thinking of cutting it up and re-doing my "skirt", or maybe a new holster... My holster looks okay but if I put the blaster in it, then it hangs funny. Anyone else have that problem?

Happy Mom's day to all, and thanks for "keeping me company" today!
My hubby saw a industrial machine for 264 at Harbor Frieght and tools 180 for the table?, I salivated and got dissappointed. Would be nice, but he said I have to use the reg one I got more often...

On the rave side, My baby gave me 8 kisses :)

MM- dern those hubbies! I know, that's what happened two years ago to my chocolates! But that year, he made up with breakfast in bed ;)
Does it go down hill after the kids? I already get gypped, cause my birthday is right around Mom's day.
Yep... I get gypped because my BDay is right around Christmas. :(

It goes downhill after the marriage and even more downhill after the kids... trust me! :lol: I remember my Dad buying my Mom chocolate covered cherries every year for Mother's Day (she hated them!) then he would kindly volunteer to finish the off... Every year for 25+ years.... :lol:
My hubbie and I have the right idea...
Every gift giving holiday we end up looking at each other...
you feel sufficiently gifted...yeah..ok...we're good then.
since we pick up stuff when we see it instead of waiting for gift giving times we're already gotten something worth it.
For Valentines he told everyone he got me a pair of Prada boots (he didn't mention they were from ebay for my Zam costume and I bought them technically LOL) I was good with that....I had just paid for material and greeblies as well but he didn't tell everyone about that ;)
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