most accurate templates to Boba fetts armor?


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hey guys iv just begun with makeing my boba fett armor and have a few templates i found online, includeing jodos.i am wondering what templates are the closest in size to the actual props?

From my perspective, that doesn't matter as much. What should be paramount is which templates bet fit your size and shape. If you're 5'8" then movie accurate armor templates will give you armor that is too big for you.

I recommend that people print off the templates at least for the chest and belly, cut them out and then check the proportions in the mirror. That will give you your best fit.

p.s. My older templates have been revised. I am more than willing to email the new stuff.
yea i made cut outs of your templates and the larger mandalorian blue prints and i cant decide if those or your templates work best, i am close to 6ft med build. any idea if the mandalorian blueprints are suppose to be screen accurate? im goin for a ESB set of armor.

I used the mando blueprints for my "beta" version way back in '99 they were way to big for me, and I'm 5'9" and don't remember what I weighed at the time, but they were definately too big.
I used the Mandalorian BP. What I did was measure my collar bones (where I felt the collar piece would go) and also the collar blueprint. Then I used ratios to scale the prints down to something that would look proportioned correctly.
It should look like:

your size (a) x
--------------- = -------
actual size (b) 100

(sorry, the post takes out the spaces, but hopefully you'll get the idea)
then multiply your size (a) by 100 and actual size (b) by x.
For example, if your size is 14 inches, then you'd have 1400=(b)x (I forget what the actual size is.)
Then divide both sides by (b) so that x is alone. That will be your ratio. So you should multiply all measurements on the plans by that number, and it should look great.

I've seen people with armor too big (small people) and armor too small (big people) and adjusting the size to you always is better than just going with what's out there.
I am trying to make a female-fett costume. Are there templates out there that cover that or will I have to modify existing men's? If so, how would one go about that?
Excuse the graphic nature of this reply. :)

Unless you want to mold the chest pieces to accomodate or simulate breasts (the vest would tend to even things out along those lines I would imagine)you can use all of the same templates only you'd need to adjust them for height and upper body.

I've done armor for people as short as 5'1" and the real challenge is adjusting the back plate and shins (for Jangos).

In the event you want to go the simulated route (you won't get many complaints) I would suggest you track down LisaFett or StormtrooperPrincess. If you're just looking for female mods to the basic sizes and shapes, Mirax is number one!

Hope that helps.
I would be interested in armor bp also chest and back only unless you have the knees thanks I am now going to work on esb version sheeesh wifes gonna go nuts
hi all i have some plastice here and would like to attempt to cut out the chest armor, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to print out the templates. do i just make them fit on one page on my printer or if anyone has any info on ptinting them out i would greatly appreciate it. thank you
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