For Sale More than 90percent complete jango

Lucksy31 - ESB JetPack Decal


Jr Hunter
Up for sale is my jango project which I must unfortunately leave behind.. it fit me well I am 5.9 and 200 lbs it also fits my mannequin which is 6.0 tall and built more along the lines of a person who is 180 I am asking 2500

Helmet has a very nice finish to it and is quite comfortably padded and very accurate

Armor plates are made from 6mm sintra and quite accurate however the paint job on them could stand a refinish but still looks fairly naturally worn

Jet pack is an MOW one very well finished but could stand some wethering imo

Gauntlets are nice made of resin with a hinge and magnet closure but are in need of quite a few litle bits and parts which can be ordered from other vendors here also worth noting if you have popeye forearms they may be a tough fit

Blasters no idea who the maker on these is but they are beautiful resin handles and aluminum barrels

Jetpack harness home made and has the accurate buckles to attach to jetpack

Flightsuit made from two sets of dickies coveralls and looks amazing

Vest painstakingly made from vinyl and extremely accurate

Holsters made by delta13 and are very very accurate beautifull leather work

Girth belt this belt is by no means an accurate or applicable piece it is only Included as a place holder to tide you over till you can get a better one

No ammo belt or boots are included

Please feel free to contact me with any questions
Lucksy31 - ESB Faded Kill Stripes