Molding and casting in rubber?


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Anyone know anything about this?

Can you make a mold for rubber casts in the same way you would resin molds?

I've got some metal items I'd like to cast in rubber for safety's sake and so I don't get hassled by various over zealous con security types.

Any help?
What are you using for the molding rubber? I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use a negative silicone mold but you may have to use a mold release spray. It will all depend on the chemical makeup of the molding & casting materials you use.
I would think it wouldn't be any different than building a mold to resin cast. You just have to be careful with casting with the same rubber you made the mold out of. Use use mold release liberally, and make sure you use a silicone-free release if the rubbers are silicone, else you'll glue them to one another.

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