MLC Jet Pack Availability

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MLC Jetpack Availability

I've been asked if it's still available, and yes it is!

The basic details are:

All Fiberglass Construction
Weighs only 4 lbs
Arrives sanded smooth and primered gray
Rocket and Thruster are removable for storage
Requires virtually no assembly to begin painting, 'cept for:
You'll need to dremel 2 slots in the shoulder area for your JP harness.This is to assure an exact fit.
Attach to the two interior U-bars through the acess panel.

Cost- PM me for total. The price has gone up since the initial run.Shipping on this is high, due to it's size. While lightweight, it's big and bulky, requiring a bigger and bulkier box, that can come close to the dreaded "oversize" shipping rate... :(

Each one is made to order, the current turnaround time is 5-7 weeks. If we can get a run together, we'll make a batch of them at one time and cut the time down...

Soooooo, that said, you can wear this pack for hours w/ little discomfort. It's sturdy as heck, and takes just ten minutes or so of work to get it to the "Let's paint it!" stage, right out of the box!


take care all,

I just wanted to add my 2 cents about these packs if its OK;) They really are awesome!!! Rex isn't kidding when he says you can just about start painting it right out of the box!!! If I had worked steady on mine, I would have been able to have it completely finnished in less than a week, (although if you are doing the ROTJ multicolored obviously would have more paintin time.) And talk about light & sturdy!!! You hardly know you have the thing on. I've heard many stories of how folks have broken their rockets off by going through a low door...well, I did that last night like a dummy, but didn't hurt a thing. They are tough!!! I highly recomend these packs.
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I have also had one of these packs for over a year now & let me tell you they are awesome! You simply won't find a better built up pack out there & this sucker is tough, I've had mine take a few bumps without any damage. I have "another" fiberglass pack that I had to build & it took a ton of mods to get it right, not to mention it weighed about 2 1/2 times the MLC!
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Just out of curiosity, do you make an ARENA version of this?
If not, do you have the mods/parts to make an arena version?
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You dont sell these in kit form do you? I'm on a Fett Budget :)
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Well, it is in kit form, just that it's mostly already done for you...


Very little to do to get it to the "let's paint!" stage.


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I am so tempted!! But I got burned by postage charges, as well as duty charges with my first JP. I can't afford that at this time.
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I just got my MLC jet pack the other day and let me just say this has got to be the greatest jet pack ever! It weighs almost nothing. I had no idea how bad a jet pack could be till I saw the propcollections jet pack that most people never got. After seeing and lifting that brick, this MLC jet pack was awesome!! It weighs nothing. I can put mine on by my self. I can lift it with one finger. It also comes with no assembley or sanding needed. Forget buying bondo, you don't need it. All you have to do is paint.
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If I order one. . .What is the time frame?

Please pm me on the price . . .

I am very interested.
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I have PM them, and im waiting for that moment when I get one back.

Still waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Happy to help out in your Jet Pack Quest! Timeframe is usually a 5-7 week turnaround time. Can be a bit sooner/later, depending on Customs. Currently doing a jet pack run...

PM me for details.


take care,

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