Mission Impossible: Improve a Rubies




First up, I am new here and pretty much new to the world of prop making, so hello everyone :). After Christmas I intend to try to get a better helmet although in the UK that may be easier said than done. In the mean time I decided to experment with a Rubies, originally it was going to be a Collectors Helmet but a supplier messed me around so it ended up being a £20 Delux (from a different supplier). I am trying my best to get some improvement out of it with my new-b skills. The shape is still a little bent out and I need to redo the visor as I cracked this one accidently :(. Anyway heres what it looks like so far:


I know its no where near the standard of what has been produced here but I am fairly pleased with it. When I first got the helmet I was most disappointed with it and say that what everyone said about Rubies was true. Now I quite like it. I am still tinkering with it, practing for when I get a better bucket.
That's actually a pretty good bucket, for a Rubies. Ahh, what am I talking about, my current bucket is a Rubies. I just hope mine comes out that good.
Given the thicker lip on the visor.. It looks more like a 95-96 Don Post. Of course I have never seen a New Rubies helmet up close. But I was under the impression that the Rubies version was pretty much the same as a 97 post with a thin lip around the visor. Good luck with and welcome to TDH.

To be honest it may not be Rubies, When I first got it, it looked like:


(This is not an actual picture of mine just one I found from the internet)

The label on it looked like the one in this picture. I guessed it was Rubies as I got it from an online store that I get other bits from and it was new in stock. Knowing that Rubies are the current helmet makers I just assumed it was one of theirs. This is a link to the store page:


While I know its not as good as most others I had fun doing it :) I still may continue to tinker with it to make it seem more real and not just looking like silver paint painted on.
I think it looks good.

I mean, I did mine a few months ago:


but I'll be working on a FG one soon... It's good practice since I haven't painted anything like this before... I found that I was able to shape it with the fitting of the t-glass somewhat... I found it impossible to get the right shape of it though... It looks too thin head on... Still, it's a wonderful starter helmet... At least I think...
I used a foam hoop to help shape it while I was putting on the vison, but I couldn't get it to look right, at least to my liking... However, with my Fiberglass one on its way, I'll have a live model to look at so I can better replicate it... I'll try using a metal hoop then...
well I bought my helmet quite a while ago, and I had to make a choice, the rubies Boba or Jango helmet.... i wanted to do Boba. But since both have growesome paint jobs... it didnt really matter much... but i liked the jango shape a bit more, so i ordered it. I was pretty pleased with it, having zero experience with other helemts, DP or anythign else.

did make a mistake though, Jango's left-ear piece is a little different. So that and the visor needed to eb modified.. but is it really that bad a helmet?

It was teh 70 dollar Jango helmet, got no idea if that's a deluxe or not.

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