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Hello everyone,

I am going to start pre-orders on my lineage ROTJ Helmet.
Pictures of my first cast are attached(the black helmet). I also attached pictures of some previous paint-ups I've done as well.
Please visit my WIP thread to see side by side pics of the damage on my helmet and the Screen used helmet.

The price will be 500$ + shipping for each helmet. International shipping will vary. If I can get a certain number of people to pre-order(maybe 10?) I can drop the price to 550$.

Your pre-order will include:
A finished PAINTED helmet with aluminum rangefinder and acrylic t-visor with everything installed.

You can choose from the following paint schemes:
Original ROTJ
Dark Side ROTJ
Holiday Special Fett
Holiday Special ROTJ

Timeframe: I'm looking to have these shipped out within the following 2-3 Months. With some shipping out as soon as 1 month if my materials arrive on time.

Please let me know if youre interested or if you'd like to work something out.
Check out my instagram MinuteFett for some examples of my work.



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