Mini Jango


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Costume for my 6yr old son I have been working on.

well I have the costume all but done now (y) all I need to do is make the lens for the mask. and then I am good to go 8) here are some shots I just took today. Let me know what you think







Thanks again Cruzer(y)


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Advance Auto? Pep Boys? Auto-Zone? None of those places have black 1/8 pin striping? I know for a fact that Advance has it, because thats where I got mine... lol...

If you can't get your hands on some shortly, shoot me a PM, I have plenty left over and can send ya some.


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Your son has got to be loving it. I am in progress on a Boba for my eight year old. I'm trying to get it finished within a month for his Star Wars themed birthday party. I told him it should be done except for maybe a jet pack and he said it isnt right if Boba doesnt have a jet pack. So I guess I have to get cracking on that. You mind letting me know what bucket you are using for him or is it a homemade one?


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Auto zone you say:facepalm The knobs over there told me they did not have that stuff:angry :angry I will have to check them out again.

Steelblitz, the buckwt was made by a member here named T-bone I think he has a topic here in the Jango section. As for the jet pack go to this place(I am sure you have seen it) all the way down bot right side. All I did was look at how he shaped it and I made mine out of foam core board the full jet pack + cost of paint cost about 15 bucks. and only took a few days. Mine is not all that great looking but its a kids costume after all:lol:


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wow is that my vest ;)

Ur kid must be the happiest kid in the world now, as he has a crazy dad who will dress him up in some charater that never really existed and had his head severed by some bald jedi......oh well, aint we all insane in that way anyway???

as for for the stripes, I got mine frm handicraft shops. I belive stationary shops should also carry them as people do purchase them to 'divide' thier white boards....

I think the leg armor needs trimming too.

but besides that, cant wait to see it finished!!


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Well the Bucket is all done. So I stuck him in half the costume just to get a few quick picks. here they are:D




So....any one have any idea on what kind of gloves to use for him???


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Re-paint??? No. If you wana know why it looks darker in the first set of pics on this page it is do from the cell phone came. The pics I did today were off a normal cam. So the colors look the way they are at the eye


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It looks great, but I noticed he is missing some holseters, you should have Cruzer make you some mini holsters to go with the other belts. I wish my parents would have done this cool stuff for me when I was a kid (they did plenty of other good stuff but not cool SW costumes)