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I have just finished building the Circuit Board and Micro Chip for the inside of my ESB Helmet (behind the key slots). I have made a mold from it, made a resin cast and painted it in grey primer... it's come out really good! is anyone interested in a resin cast like the one shown (supplied painted in grey primer, ready to paint in your choice of red)?

To fit it all you have to do is apply a blob of glue (hot melt or epoxy) to the four legs and place it behind the key slots. The legs are not visible when installed.

Would you like me to post a picture of it installed?

Please PM if interested - If I get enough response I will buy the resin needed. The cost will be $15.00 (£8.00) + shipping.


Nice work. Looks nice and user friendly too, which is always good when installing. Good idea having the 4 posts to space it around the curve of the slots!

Not entirely accurate, but much better than what most of us have in the keyslots, I’m sure. (certainly more accurate than the mesh I have in my MLC2, anyway ;) )

Constructive criticism/comments to back up the “accuracy” comment, above: The actual chip (guts from the MQ-1 as discovered recently by Brak's) has 19 pins on the longest side, all the way up both sides, and 6 pins on the shorter side, going only across the right half of top and bottom as you look at it. Yours has 30 up both sides and 19 all the way across the top and bottom.

(Brak’s Buddy’s photo’s)

Here it is compared to the ESB/SE AoSW bucket


And here compared to the RotJ MoM bucket


There’s also the issue of the knob/resistor greeblies on the RotJ bucket, but I know you’re doing the ESB version, so that’s academic anyways.

Aside from that, it’s a good, affordable alternative.

Again, nice work.

I've had quite few different circuit boards and found this to be the closest. You are correct, it's not move accurate, but looks very close. The size of the chip I'm sure is correct.

If I could get hold of the correct chip I would make the board using it.

Thanks for the comments.
No worries. Glad they were taken as meant :)

Where have you looked for the chips? I only ask because I'm currently doing a lot of research into IC chips for a non-Fett related project (Non-Fett? *gasp*).

I'd be happy to look for one of those puppies too. Just need to know where you've already looked so I don't duplicate your efforts.

Some old computers (Mac and PC), Memory sticks and a toaster.

(Non Fett related - you must have tooooo much time on your hands!!)

I think the dustcaps would work perfect as BM stated! The red can be sanded off of them pretty easy to weather them.
The only problem is that the dust caps are too large to be correct. Those "transistors" in the back are quite a bit smaller than you would think.
Thanks for the update Tyler. It is funny how things can be so deceptive when looking at a close up pic.

Oh, I saw in the Sarlacc Pit that our good friend and Bucket Maker Marrow_Sun was able to make a casting of the MQ-1 guts. He isn't selling copies but made a cast to see how it would come out. It looks great. Here's the Thread:

Marrow's MQ-1 Cast
i never knew there was a cicrut board in it.is there a point of it?chest lights maby?
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