Metalizer finish and acrylics


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Anyone out there tried to use acrylics over a Testor's Metalizer finish; i.e. the buffed base coat metal color and the sealer with acrylic paints layered over it (w/liquid masking fluid for scratches/dents)? I've never used this Metalizer stuff myself.
E2K13 has used it on his shin tools, I have used it on my armor and amd starting on my bucket with it...its GREAT stuff! Granted, I haven't put the top coat of paint over it yet...but I'll let you know how it goes...

Once you put the metalizer on, you need to buff it with a paper towel (it gives it that brushed metal look) then put the Metalizer Sealer over it...THEN the paint. ;)

I'll get my butt in gear in the next few days and post some pics.
Ok, but how bright will the "metal" finish be in the end after you're done sealing the colors and weathering with a flat or satin clear layer. Any experience with this one Prymer? I'm seeing so much "chrome" on this board, I'm wondering if that's just the way to go for a layered method, or if folks steer clear of Metalizer just because it's more work.
I have pics of my chest armor @ home. It's not the shinest, but then again, I waited a little too long to buff it out. I think the metalizer will look more realistic. I'll pull my stuff out tonight and post a pic or two.


I found the old link with referenced pics as well as mine:

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Thanks for the pics Prymer! ...and that thread hits some good points to boot. That's enough to push me toward the Metalizer method 8). I don't mind a little more work to make things right.
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