Metal Rocks! -Or- My Custom PP2 Flame Thrower


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Hey everybody, I just wanted to show off the new Flame Thrower Bits my good friend Bill fabricated for me. I got a set of PP2 Accurate Gauntlets from one of the gauntlet makers here, and the two end pieces were cast in resin. The casts were ok, but I knew they wouldn't last long if a wore them, I'd probably bang up against something and snap them or something. So I showed them to my friend and a few days later this is what I got back:

Pretty sweet eh? I just have to paint the front end the correct colors, but otherwise he got them spot on with the resin pieces.

He's also going to turn me a set of knee darts and gauntlet darts.

What do you think?



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Nice!! :D
Did he machine the brass section too? Or find similar stuff to put together? Either way, he did an excellent job for you!!
Show some pics of those gauntlets once you get 'em together. :cheers


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Thanks everybody, the pieces are made from a combo of machined metal and found parts. He turned all the aluminum parts and the back end of the smaller brass piece for sure. The rest is pretty much all pipe fittings.

Once he's done doing the darts for the right gauntlet for me I'll have pictures... until then they aren't officially finished. =)

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