Metal Armour?

Gator Fett

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Clone Commando said:
ther is a guy on ebay that will make it for you and even customize it for a very low price and i was thinking about it

IIRC another member on the board picked up a set of metal armor from ebay, and gave it a big (y) . I will see if I can find the post.

Myself and a few others have aluminum armor. I love mine, but some other members have decided to trade the metal for fiberglass. If you do decide to go the metal route, get aluminum plate rather than thin sheet steel. You can get a thicker piece of aluminum at the same weight as thin steel sheet metal.


Clone Commando

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the price is $114.50 and thats shipping and insurance included.
i'm about $60 away and have 4 days to get it, man am i going to cut this one close, as long as nobady steals it from me i might be able to do it.

Simon Kenobi

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i use steel sheet and thats worked fine . the only thing is the weight of it .