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Ok, I tried the batting helmet approach, and messed up the dome big time. I followed WoF's templates, but screwed up on putting the 4 quarters together. Totally my fault, the templates are awesome, and I reprinted them to try again, good work WoF
So I got to thinking....DANGER..DANGER... I know thinking can be bad, at least where I work it can be. I was watching Dallas SWAT, and started to really look at the helmet shape, and was wondering if I would be able to use that. The shape looks somewhat there for the dome, and the one I got from a friend is made from ABS. It is a replica of the actual helmets he uses for paintball and airsoft. What I am wondering is, could I use this helmet as is, without cutting it up, or should I cut the top of the dome of, and use that portion only. I have some pics, and I am hopefully going to succeed in posting them here.





Any help or info on this would be very helpful. Also if you know of a different helmet, please let me know. I have already made the ear pieces, and have all the rest cut out just waiting for a dome.
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Im not really certain about what you could do but you probably should have gotten a thinner PASGT replica just because of the cutting. I just took a quick glance at my mich2000 and pasgt and the tops or "domes" to us bucket types seems like it just may work out though you will have to cut right above the ear protectors because their flare is a tad to far out.
I think for what I am trying to do, that the templates WoF made are very good. Some of the other batting helmet scratch builds look good, and are pretty affordable for the budget minded it seems. Granted one day i will pick up a good fiberglass bucket, but I want to attemp to make one on my own first. I am even thinking of getting a cheap rubies to practice painting on it.

I did notice the thickness, that is why I was hoping someone might have looked into it before. It is better to ask first, this way I do not destroy a good helmet. I will have to try and see if I can find something a little thinner, I have a lot of friends who play airsoft and paintball, and they always get new gear.

Thanks for the info guys, since starting this, and reading all the other threads, this is definitely a trial and error project, and fun as well.
Ill check for a seller that has thin replica helmet cuz alot of my friends and I are hardcore into airsoft. One of my friends has a replica pasgt helmet that he bought and it was only 14 dollars and the thickness would probably be perfect for you. Ill try and get ahold of him so I can ask where he purchased it.
I will do that when I have the cash available, but I think scratch building something like this, helps you appreciate the costume even more. I know I will probably never make one as accurate and nice as the makers here, but I would be able to say that I did this. Guess I want to prove to myself, I can do this.
That's cool. It just does'ent sound very easy. I could be wrong though, I've never made one myself. There are quite a few people that have here, and my hats off to them.
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