Merry x-mas ... zammer's

Zam I Am

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Yep! Merry Christmas yall! I most definately got more than I expected ;)

Zam I Ain't also got me a carry along purp sewing bag with all sorta thread and bobbins :D Guess I will have to start learning how to sew a LOT more. (once I get corrective contacts and glasses) Right now, I have been ;)'in at everyone I see. Anyone else get anything purp? hehe, or zam-related? Zam I Ain't got a belt sander...Tools are always nice for anykinda costumin. :D


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Yep Yvonne... I think you got the best X-Mas present of all! :D Congrats again!

I got the Star Wars Trilogy DVD's and a sewing basket for handling my growing sewing collection, much of it Zam related! ;)


Hehe, I got a big check from my family, with "For Zam" written in the memo field, 2 Zam figs from the new SW miniature game, a promise from my stepdad to turn said minis into earrings, 2 pairs of purple leather gloves, and a pair of appropriate boots.

Yeah, I love my family. I turn 21 in a week and a half, and I told them that all I want for X-mas and my birthday is help with my Zam costume. Boy did they come through, too.

Wow, that sounded like bragging. Sorry..... I'm just excited.

Yay for being a poor college student, but getting a super-'spensive costume anyway!!!