Medium, sand tan, flight suit up for grabs!


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Su'cuy ner Mando'ade!

Its another Mandosniper give away, and you guess it, all you have to do is write for it. Its an airforce style flight suit in sand tan and medium size, never worn. Ill post a pick of it after the first few entries.
Same rules as last time for those of you interested. enter as many times as you like, share your entry with everyone, no PMs with stuff or offers of money cause Im not interested in money (wierd for a Mando).
This time we will focus on creativity so Im not looking for a snap mission statement, I know you are Mandos but sometimes I forget that others arent trained soldiers. This time we will be looking for a fanfic style entry because we were left hanging with pieces that started great the last time and were waiting for the exciting conclusion. Take the scenario and run with it in whatever direction you want with a few mandatory elements along the way. Here it goes.


A black sun Vigo has hired you and your team of 4 Mandos to assassinate the husband of his mistress who happens to be an Imperial Moff. He lives in a highly defended villa in a cliff line that overlooks the jungle world of Ngoyum in the outer rim. Youve dispatched the Moff but you find out that you and your team has been double crossed and the Vigo doesnt intend to pay, security has been alerted to your whereabouts and two 12 man professional clean up teams from the corporate sector are closing in on your position. Your ship is 50 km away, hidden in a ground cave in the jungle by a delta in a river that runs close to the villa. What happens next? How does this end?

Here are the mandatory elements:

1. Half of your team are female Mandos.
2. One of your team members has to die.
3. No comendiering or stealing a speeder to get back to the ship.
4. End the story before the deadline.

Other than that you are free to come up with the rest of the story and how it ends. Once you end it you cant change the ending. I know the majority of fans arent tactics experts, but you dont have to be. Just make sure that whatever tactics you discribe actually make some sense. Thats it. I cant wait to read what comes out of this from those of you interested. The deadline is Monday the 6th at 7pm eastern time. That should be enough time for us to share. Good luck and may the coolest story win.
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tyrant b

Me and my men proceed through the treachorous jungle, (if thats how ya spell it) we see that one of the 12 man pro sqauds have fanned out so i tell my men it shouldnt be to hard to take that team out but the other will be a problem.So we climb the trees and take up sniper positions the sqaud gets closer and closer we take aim and fire we are spotted so we keep on fighting wich has alerted the other sqaud (not good). My best friend says that he will take care of the rest so i shoot the last of the first 12 man sqaud my friend says dont wait for me he flew off with the last thermal detonator all that me and the other mandos heard was him scream out my name and then a huge explosion.We headed straiaght to the imperial moff HQ and planted some permacrete detonators on the base of the structure and ran like buggary, we ran a quarter of the way back to the ship and encounter a nexu i took great pleasure in frying it we flew along way back to the ship to encounter a squad of stormtroopers these wernt a problem we kill these losers no prob we jumped aboard the ship and headed straight for the planet coruscant to find another contracter.It turns out that black sun vigo was standing in the cantina where we where hired most of the time time, i walked over and put my hand out in front of him.He said "what is this your supposed to be dead" yeah well im not now hand over the credits and you wont end up like your imperial moff friend "whaaat he is dead there where pros gaurding him not no mercenarys" yeah and there where pros hunting him now the credits "no way"(i grip his arm firmly) you have one last chance to hand over the credits or your gonna fall a long long way down into the depth of coruscant "i said no now take your hands of me" its no loss (i hang the slime ball over the edge)goodbye osik `ka "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he plummeted to the dark depths "no loss now lets go and get a drink" shortly after that i was contacted bye the black sun they where trying to hire me again no chance i lost my best friend out there."what we lost 24 of our best men out there...." and i took great pleasure in killing them

2 weeks later

boba fett turned up on coruscant asking us to help him catch han solo. (we always thought he worked alone somthing had to be up)but really he wanted somone named mub`ar kubat dead and he didnt want to do it he had more important things to do.i found out this character had somthing to do with the black sun so i took Fett up on his offer me and my crew piled into slave one.As we reached our destination me and my crew crept into the lair of mub`ar kubat there was black sun soldiers every where.
my men dropped a nuero toxic grenade in the lair to take out most of the soldiers there was only about 30 of them left know
we circled the balcony all of us taking aim "FIRE!!!" Said Sonub Zon`tiro all five of us opened fire on the black sun soldiers plastering holes in every one of them.

Our next move was mub`ar kubat my mandos ab sailed down from the balcony to find a blast door my technition couldnt hot wire it i looked over at him and nodded he said "Detonators" i said "Oh yeah" we placed the detonators on all four corners of the door "boom!!!" there was smoke every where the door hadnt even moved we started blasting it for about 5 minutes and then it started glowing orange. "detonators now" i said "KABOOM!!!" the door shot of the wall like a cat in water we moved in on mub`ar kubat, multiple hostiles there where a good 20 of them "BLAST EM!!!" we wouldnt stop firing until we knew they where all dead."hold your fire" we moved through the smoke not only to find alot of dead soldiers one of my men was hit i strapped him up and said to him " pull ya self together its only pain" i proceded alone not only to find mub`ar kubat in the biggest battle droid (like metal gear rex) iv ever seen, i ran straight up to its legs and planted a a permecrete detonator on the leg joint and hoped for the best i was running around avoid it massive amout of weopanry BANG!!!i blew its leg off the tank/droid froze suddenly it started to fall over i ran strait under it CRASH!!!. i was alive luckly enough wich is more than i can say for mub`ar kubat.
3 days later boba fett turned up again

"How was your trip Sonub i hope it was a success" said boba "yeah it was but it wasnt easy"i replied "i didnt say that it would be" said Fett.
"What kind of payment am i looking at" said sonub "ill give you 15,000 credits" replied Fett " Ill take it" said sonub "pleasure doing buisness with ya" (boba shakes sonubs hands)......
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That was a pretty long sentence ner vod but youre the only one with an etry so far so that puts you in the lead at the moment. Technicaly you didnt end it because theres no period so you could elaborate on it if you wanted to. Good luck, and thanks for the entry!

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Hey, first post, longtime lurker. I really don't need the flightsuit, I actually just thought that this was a great exercise in creative writing, so I'd much rather the flightsuit go to someone else. But here's what I came up with, long read, be forewarned.

Episode IV: Loss of a kin

As they exited the residence through the service gate, a blaster bolt burned a hole in the nearby wall.

“Down!!!!” yelled Cirath Raan, the tallest of the group. The other three didn’t need much prodding and were behind cover at once. A hail of more blaster fire immediately rained on the small strike team.

Sekka nodded at the tall Mandalorian, her blaster at the ready, and Cirath nodded back at her. They had an intimate understanding of each other, specially since this wasn’t their first job together and one usually knew what the other was thinking even before anything was said. With another nod from her, Cirath motioned to the other two to get ready and pointed to the exit leading to the gardens. Sekka pulled a second blaster from the holster on her lower back and returned fire from behind cover. Cirath peeked above the low wall and did the same. Jero and Meesh dashed quickly toward the gardens, taking advantage of the cover fire from the other two and positioning themselves to have a clear line of fire on the opposition. Once behind the relative safety of an avant-garde decorative statue, Meesh unfolded her sniper rifle and bore down on the enemy while Jero took a head-count and relayed the information to the team. “I count six, no wait, six more incoming, front gate.” Meesh almost smirked and calmly announced her intentions on the short-range com. “Firing, get ready to move.” With that, she pulled the trigger and the blaster bolt left the muzzle of her rifle with barely a sound, striking one of their assailants on the side of the neck. Meesh grinned and searched for her next target, “One down, they’re re-evaluating, time for you two to move.”

Sekka and Cirath moved quickly toward the gardens while Jero let out a barrage of blaster fire from his carbine, keeping the opposition’s head down. Once the team was reunited, Sekka finally chimed in, “They don’t look imperial, and we took care of his security team, these guys are pros. Looks like our client doesn’t want to pay.” Cirath almost laughed, “A lot of them don’t”. Meesh took her eyes away from her scope, looked down casually and retorted, “We got another deadbeat? Firing…” and let fly another blaster bolt, catching another unsuspecting mercenary on the forehead. Jero adjusted his RF scope and made his report, “We gotta move, the other six just linked up with them and I’m pretty sure these guys are going to try and flank us.”

Cirath knew that Jero was right. He had a good team but if they let themselves flanked they’d have to fight them from two directions, their only advantage was mobility and he’d have to make sure that they wouldn’t get boxed in. “Move out. Meesh, pin them down for a little longer then leave them an incendiary, meet us at the RV point if you can’t catch up.” The sniper gave the team a thumbs-up and quickly moved to a different vantage point while Jero shot another barrage of blaster fire. The three waited until their sniper opened up again before they all retreated into the brush. They were running at a steady pace, Sekka on point while Cirath covered the rear when they finally heard the muffled sound of incendiary grenades going off in the distance. “Meesh are you clear?” Cirath enquired over the coms. There was a long silence until the com unit came back to life. “Cirath, the good news is they’re going to have to take the long way around, the gardens are burning right now…” the rest of the team could hear her slight panting, indicating that she herself was on the move. “… the bad news is, a transport just pulled up to the front of the mansion and another twelve-pack just piled out. Hauling it right now to high ground, I’ll try and take out as many of the original twelve, but no promises.”

Before Cirath could even say anything, Sekka picked up the pace, holstering one of her weapons, moving as silently and as quickly as possible. Jero stated the obvious, “That other team is gonna come after us, and it’ll be daylight soon, we need to get to the RV point and link up with Meesh.” Cirath was glad and unhappy at the same time, glad to have a team that was efficient, but unhappy about having another deadbeat client. At the break of dawn, the three mandalorians made it to their pre-arranged RV point, they’d wait two hours for Meesh and if she didn’t show up, they’d head out to where the ship was and wait for her there as long as they possibly could. The lack of radio contact from their sniper worried all of them but none of them showed it, they knew the way it worked, they knew not to show worry or resignation, it was bad for their collective morale. They would stick to being alert and aware and be ready to move as quickly as the situation required. Even with the sun slowly rising, the blanket of heavy brush and trees barely let any light inside the jungle. Jero had switched his RF scope to infra-red and was scanning the area randomly for any signs of their pursuers, while Sekka made sure both her blasters were fully reloaded.

Out of nowhere, a blaster bolt slammed into a tree, missing Sekka’s head by mere inches. Had she not leaned over to pick up her knife she would have been the small team’s first casualty. Everyone took cover instinctively, blasters at the ready. “Sniper…” Jero said plainly. “Are you sure?” Sekka asked sarcastically “How the hell did you miss him, scanner boy?” Jero simply shrugged “He’s good, probably using some sort of thermal scrambler.” Cirath was methodical, looking for signs of an ambush, all the while trying to stay in cover. “Whoever he is, he is going to try and pin us down until the rest of his buddies get here, we need to move.” Sekka grunted loudly and sighed, “Who would’ve thought they’d apply the same tactics or that they’d even have a tracker, Meesh obviously ran them around on a wild Bantha chase while this one tracked us down.” The tall mandalorian nodded in scanner boy’s direction, motioning for him to stay where he was and then he turned to Sekka. She was already nodding herself and, once again, pulled out the second blaster from her lower back. She leaned out from behind the tree she was using as cover and let both her blasters speak for her, spraying an area of the brush where the last sniper shot came from. The enemy sniper moved quickly, strafing through the vegetation but was suddenly cut off by Jero opening fire on his end. Surprisingly the sniper activated a jump pack and cleared both lines of fire, heading out to a higher vantage point on top a tall tree, where he was promptly blown to bits by Cirath’s rocket launcher. “Dodge that” Jero smirked. Cirath promptly discarded the launcher and picked up his carbine. “We have to move now, all that commotion will have given out our position.” Jero quickly planted several mines while Sekka took her position on point and the three weary warriors hiked it out toward their escape.

The two mercenary teams were trying to box-in a mandalorian team of four. They started with twenty four and were now down to twenty and they still could not find them, until they got the transmission from their tracker and heard a huge explosion in the opposite direction. They all piled in a speeder transport, some of them on swoops and sped out to where the noise came from. Meesh wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be relieved or worried, the explosion could mean two things, either her team mates were getting down to business or they were all dead. She had purposely kept radio silence just in case the enemy was listening in and she had to continue to do so lest she give away the other three’s location. The only way she could be sure was to meet them at the extraction point, she had missed her rendez-vous with them while she was playing hide and seek and she had to get back to the ship as quickly as possible. She dumped all excess gear that she had, leaving only her ammo and a few grenades and made her way through the dense jungle.

Sekka was moving at a steady clip now, Jero and Cirath behind her several dozen feet separate, all of them scanning in every direction. They had almost reached the ship when the mines went off. They all knew that the mercenaries had at least tripped the explosives, they hoped that most of them got wiped out but they pressed on without counting on it. Under a click away and what they were all hoping to avoid happened. Jero spotted them first, “Swoops, take cover!!”

Of the worst possible places they could catch up with them, this was it. They were wide out in an open clearing, several rock outcroppings their only possible cover, and they were closing in fast. Two swoops barreled through the clearing, opening fire on the mandalorians. Sekka dove out of the way, spraying blaster fire on the swoops as they zoomed past, but Cirath had already fired his gauntlet missile, clipping one, blowing out its engine as it careened out of control and crashed with a massive explosion, raining debris on the warriors. The second circled around, mounted blasters firing rapidly. Jero emptied his blaster carbine, winging the swoop, slowing it down considerably until it finally idled a few yards from the flaming debris. The rider drew his weapon only to be cut down by Sekka’s dual blasters.

“Haul ass!!! Get to the ship” Cirath yelled frantically to the other two. Again, Sekka was ahead of him, sprinting quickly while reloading, followed by Jero and again Cirath holding up the rear. They were literally at the ground cave where they had stashed their dropship when the speeder transport showed up. It had billowing smoke escaping from the rear, the mines weren’t enough to take it out and aboard, still seemed to be a full twelve-man team of mercenaries. The mandalorians wouldn’t make it to the ship on time, they would be taken down by a hail of blaster fire as they made a run for it. None of them had to say another word, all three took cover as soon as the mercenaries opened fire, they were going to have to hold off twelve mercs or die trying.

The speeder was almost on them when the driver’s head suddenly exploded, veering the vehicle abruptly and banking at an impossible angle before spilling its passengers and rolling over several times. “What kept you so long? Oh sorry, did I forget to say I was firing?” Meesh’s voice came playfully over the coms. All three mandos looked up and watched as the female sniper gingerly jumped down from a rock formation and run towards the ship.

Cirath smiled to himself and was suddenly caught by a blaster bolt behind his thigh. At least half of the mercenaries survived the crash and were still engaging them. The tall mandalorian fell, clutching his wounded leg, trying vainly to take cover. Jero was immediately on him, picking him up, hauling him over his shoulders, while Sekka gave cover fire aided by Meesh, all the way to the dropship. Finally inside, mercenaries still rabidly shooting at them, Meesh hurriedly sat at the controls and lifted off.

Cirath was sprawled out on the floor, panting rapidly while Sekka checked out his wound. “Well, it could’ve been worse, it could’ve been your ego.” Meesh chuckled out loud, punched in their travel coordinates and kicked on the hyperdrive to lightspeed. Jero was sitting on one of the crates, his back leaning against the wall, armor covered in grime and muck, he had taken off his helmet. Cirath gave him a thumbs up, all the while groaning as Sekka applied a bacta patch on his wound. Jero smiled a tired smile, returned the thumbs up and slumped down quietly onto the plastisteel crate. Jero was dead, a seared hole through his chest from a blaster shot he had taken in the back.

Jero Khar had done his duty, he had accomplished his mission and his surviving brother and sisters were going to get payback, in full and with interest.

Vode An.
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