measure once cut twice... aww crap


so I purchased one of tk409's chest light display things (is there an actual name for it?) and instead of putting 8mm b/w the upper and lower boxes, I put 4mm.


so, my armor is all fiberglass... what can I use to widen the 4mm gap to 8mm?



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How about a small strip of 1/8" sintra? That is about 3mm. Use a gel type super glue to set it and more glue or automotive spot putty over the seam and sand it smooth.

Or can you glue a piece of the fiberglass part back in??

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I have used a dremel tool with a small high speed cutting bit. It works wonderful. Just becareful and take your time.



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I'd second the epoxy putty.
I've used it to correct cutting errors and to smooth out joints in poorly made components with acceptable success...