For Sale MDF (Malone-Day Fett cast) ESB Fett helmet

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I really hate to do this with, but I have to... This one REALLY hurts...

Cast is an MDF (Malone-Day Fett) with aluminum range finder stalk finished by Robert Pareso. You might be able to find a little better cast than the MDF, but you won't find better paintwork. This helmet is full of nuance - the spatters and scratches are phenomenal. It looks and feels like Jeremy Bulloch walked off the set when he was finished filming Empire, and handed me his helmet.

The helmet looks damn good in photos - but you really need to hold this in your hands to appreciate the level of detail put into the paint work.

The helmet was painted to replicate the original Empire Strikes Back painting - this isn't a paint scheme replicating the current state of the helmet as it sits in the LFL archives, with all the cracks and paint globs.

This helmet looks especially good displayed next a great ESB Vader helmet - the two were literally made for each other.

$1,200 USD

Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Item should ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. I accept PayPal.

International buyers will need pay shipping fee.

Please give this beautiful Fett helmet a good home.



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