MCR-ESB "Half-helmet" Paint Job


Sr Hunter
Hi everybody!
What in the wide, wide world of primer is going on here?! o_O
I'm starting on helmet number 59 this weekend. This one is gonna be pretty unusual!
Back in April 2019, I had a "half and half" helmet on display at The Dented Helmet booth at Celebration Chicago. The idea was to show people what a raw helmet kit could become. It was a lot of fun to do!
My current customer liked that concept enough that he asked me to do his MCR-ESB helmet the same way.
I'll be painting the left side of this one in the SE style, while leaving the right side untouched. This will allow all that excellent surface detail to remain visible. Very cool!

IMG_20211218_065321_492.jpg IMG_20211218_065321_509.jpg IMG_20211218_065321_527.jpg


Sr Hunter
Something something mask... something airbrush... :lol:
I stenciled and liquid masked the damage on the rear panel then airbrushed the dark green. I went back and added the smaller details and did some mechanical weathering on the green. Now the panel is ready for gray and silver.



Thats such a cool project! Really, whoever comissioned this had a great idea! Great way to showcase the helmet painted as well as with the cast in surface detail!
I wonder who it is for :)
Following this one!
Also it’s one of the first ones cast with the plaque.
I have a full ESB kit so the special edition doesn’t work with that. It was always going to be a display piece.


Sr Hunter
I did the damage on the rear of the dome. So strange looking! Lol
Now I'll move on to the area behind the RF ear... no, wait, skip that.
Oh I'll move on to the cat scratch. Um, nope, skipping that too. Where do I go next?! Aaaahh!! It's messing with my mind! :lol:

IMG_20211220_185617_316.jpg IMG_20211220_185617_330.jpg