McQuarrie Pre-Pro Progress


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Well a few guys have been waiting for some sort of an update on this project. I took a stab at this helmet a year ago but quit due to lack of interest and time. I've since totally restarted from new and have a replenished sense of motivation. Now... this is FAR FAR FAR from being completed but will give an overall feel for the shape and size.
The helmet is still in really rough form with A LOT of primer:) I do have a completed RF but forgot to take pics. I will be working on the check and rear helmet detail over the next couple days so stay tuned for an update.







Cantina Dude

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Good to see some progress on this guy! It looks like you were able to get the basic sizing and shape of the cheeks to match, which I'm sure took a bit of fooling around! (Better you than me!!! ;) ) Did you add a bit more height to the dome? It kind of looks like it in the photos, which seems to more closely match the McQuarrie paintings. Speaking of which, a couple of comparison shots to the paintings would be great and I'm sure everyone would get a kick out of them! I look forward to seeing further developments on this project!

Keep up the good work,



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I did a bit to the dome but not enough. I'll be reworking that area later on. Like I said everything is just roughed out at this point.

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Wow, thats really nice work. Ive always been facinated by the McQuarrie concept and the white pre-pro version of Boba Fett.

I'l definately be interested in one of these beautys when your done. Keep up the good work.