Master Replicas scaled ESB Fett paint job - what happened???


Recently acquired a super low $ deal on eBay, a new scaled Boba Fett helmet from Master Replicas ( it was "new" as it was mint unopened still in the original shipping box! ) , and was a little intrigued by the noticeable color difference between it and the usual chosen color for Fett.
And I actually really like this different color!
But how would MR miss nailing the color, as their own Fett helmet was a much better color?
It took me a little while to realize what may have happened.
I remembered a phenomenon I learned about during my college years taking photography/fine arts, is when something is viewed from a greater distance, it gets lighter, and the color changes appropriately in what we loosely called "distance painting" when painting objects in the distance.
Correct term is "atmospheric perspective".
I am just that much more impressed with Master Replicas having obviously done this with the scaled down replica.
And, I'd love to see a full sized Fett in this color!
So, what color IS this? lol
The EFX Fett is almost dead on with Tamiya's Field Gray (TS-78). so starting with that, where is the MR color?
I created a "swatch" from each helmet's cheek by copying image in the picture where the paint was cleanest ( from the picture shown ) and you can really tell the difference there.