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Do any of you guys plan on purchasing the Master Replicas versions of the EE 3 blaster? I'm real tempted but I just can't stand throwing another 500 dollars into my costume, is it worth the price?
If u r goin to use it for ur costume, it'll be a waste of U$500, u can get 2 custom-made EE-3 from this forum. yeah, u might need to work on it to get it accurately.

if for displaying only, i suggest that u wait for a while since the price will surely drop/change in the future...
I have ordered it... just waiting till MR finally release it...

As soon as I get it, I will post pics and a review (although I'm more than sure than a lot of guys here will get it as well... ) I think it will worth it... but that's just my opinion... :p

so far it looks like it will be pretty nice.

yeah, you can get fan-made ones here for way less, but they won't be metal. i'm building up an EE3 off of a bronze webley right now, and i can tell you that it will definitely cost more than the MR by the time it's all done.

i can't wait to see one of these in person. i think it will be great looking.
If its like the others good for stand not for "trooping", way a ton and will get very tiresome holding one all day. You can get a much cheaper and lighter one here. :)
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