Master Chief keeps Distracting me..... :D (lots of pictures)


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I unfortunatly haven't been working on anything Star Wars related lately.... this is why.

Trial and error

Mmmmmm, lots of paper

All the pieces resined.

Toe caps and abb plate curing fiberglass

Shin curing fiberglass

Some priming of Vader stuff and of the Spartan helm since I had paint left over.

And some shots before I being sanding like a madman!



My finished armor will be painted to resemble Caboose from Red vs Blue because..... well he's just awesome. All pieces were made using pepakura designer along with guidance and resources from

Well I hope you enjoy those. I've had poison ivy since I've returned from college and had to go on steroids to fight it off.... as a consequence I've had a lot of energy! Hopefully the weather will hold out nice and sunny so I can keep working like this, unless I have to start working. We shall see.
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Wow nice job, I know what you mean, I have 6 mark 6 helmets, 6 army of two masks, a couple ODST helmets and an Iron Man helmet to finish up, a long with a Boba Fett Helmet


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when you fiberglass do you just use resin on the outside and glass mat +resin on the inside?


Standard proceedure is to resin the outside of the piece, giving it more strength. Then fiberglassing the inside with your choice of either fiberglass mat or cloth. I use mat.

It takes me a long time to fiberglass and I use a lot of resin because I dip the pieces in the resin to ensure good coverage. That prolly wastes a lot of resin but its a learning experience. Its also really hard to get the fiberglass to work right with all those details by just painting the resin onto the fiberglass.:facepalm