Many 'Dead' Images in the Gallery


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I'm trying to amass tons of reference material for the RotJ helmet, and a HUGE number of images in the Gallery are giving me X's.

Can you please check on this? I can't imagine that these are photobucket-type images. I would think they're hosted by TDH.

Please look into this at your earliest convenience...
which galleries, exactly, have you found to be affected?

Several of the Magic of Myth galleries, as well as the RotJ helmet pics in the RotJ section.

Lots of others here and there, but those are the ones I can remember.

But here's the rub....I was getting those 'X's' on my computer at home. Fast connection, reasonably-loaded computer. But here at work, I have no problems with those same images. The problem may just be with my computer. It's weird. This may be a false alarm...
have you cleared your cache? i'm not having any problems with the gallery.
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