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Individual Prices - Does not include shipping


  • Chest - $150 (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Back plate - $100 (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Small thigh - $60 (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Butt plate - $50 (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Large thigh - $90 (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Pauldron - $150 for both (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Hand Plates - $40 for both (Resin pair)
  • Hand Plates - $40 for both (Fiberglass pair) - SOLD
  • Gauntlets, Greeblies and Mandoputer - $250 (Fiberglass and resin) - SOLD
  • Hip plates - $100 for both (Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Shin - $100 (3D printed PLA reinforced with Fiberglass) - SOLD
  • Helmet - $100 (Fiberglass) - SOLD

Soft Parts
  • Flight suit (shirt, pants, neckseal), 2 cummerbund aprons, and flak vest - $175 - SOLD
  • Belt/Bandolier and leg leathers with grav charges (3D printed) and belt buckle (resin) - $150 - SOLD
  • Metal Ammo (6 for shin and 10 for Belt/Bandolier) - $75 - SOLD
  • VibroKnife - $50 - SOLD
Shipping to US only.

ESCProps provided all of this from Etsy. The only things not included are the gloves (and prop guns since I don't have them). I'm open to throwing them in if you buy it all.

It isn't painted since he couldn't get Alumaluster in Russia so I asked him not to paint it, but some of it is primed. It's hard to tell on some pieces without sanding since most of the gelcoat is black.

I am selling it since I want to get bigger armor and a baggier flight suit (soft parts).

Great Ape - The chest, back plate, gauntlets, butt, shin and hand plates.

Do3D - The left thigh, belt buckle, and grav charges.

ESCProps Models - Right thigh. (custom welding blob on a Do3D) Hip plates. (similar to Great Ape, but just slightly more round/wide) Helmet. (looks to be a hybrid of Do3D and Great Ape)

The pants and shirt of the flight suit are too tight for my average weight. Right now they are a little tight, I actually lost about 5lb from when I took the measurements, and I can fit into it and it's just a little snug, but I like things to be baggy and if I eat too much fast food I don't think I will fit in the pants or shirt anymore.

The upper vest is a little loose. The cummerbund apron (there is 2 with a different shade of brown) seem to fit just right, but it seems to be a little short. Everything is fiberglass from what I'm told (I spotted layer lines in one of the gauntlet front parts, the helmet bottom layer too, these are from the molds).

The shin armor is apparently 3D printed PLA and reinforced with fiberglass. It's hard for me to tell since I haven't sanded through the grey primer on it.

The top shin armor part is 3D printed, the Grav charges and grav charge holder are 3D printed.

Ears on helmet are resin. Gauntlet greeblies are resin.

Leather goods waist is adjustable. The length/height of it isn't really unless you modify it. Bullets are included and are metal. I've noticed the belt/bandolier ones aren't 100% uniform in terms of how long the top of it is, but it's not that noticeable when you're wearing it.

I don't know what the VibroKnife is made out of.... maybe 3D printed or resin or both it's finished pretty well though.

Mandoputer is undersized for the gauntlet, but it does work as I tested it with a battery. White LED on black that cycles through and shows a mudhorn too. Comes with red plastic film.

---My basic measurements---
I'm 5ft 11 inch. Athletic build and range between 190lb-200lb. 42-43 inch chest. 35-36 inch waist. 30 inch inside leg/inseam.

I would say chest wise or waist wise if you sit around 41 inch chest and 34 inch waist this should fit you well in the flight suit shirt and pants. The flak vest and cummerbunds will fit a little big.

If you need any other measurements let me know since I can measure any of the soft parts.

1st picture is of me for scale.

demonstration of scale Mando.jpg

The whitish stuff is mostly paper towel since I wiped it all down with water on a paper towel, the pauldrons are a little rough primer-wise so they definitely need a quick high grit sand.

all armor Mando.jpg

all armor underside.jpg

back of helmet.jpg



chest, butt, hand plates.jpg

ears helmet.jpg

hip plates.jpg

inside of helmet.jpg


resin bracer pieces.jpg

sizing of mandoputer.jpg


Soft Parts

cummerbund brown green.jpg

cummerbund brown.jpg

neck seal.jpg
Pants back.jpg
Pants front.jpg
shirt back.jpg

shirt front.jpg

upper vest.jpg
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I really want to sell this ASAP. Updated for individual prices as well (took similar pricing from James Iaccarino's unfinished raw resin kit for the armor, but added a little since it's fiberglass and most of the additional finishing is mainly some sanding). Sort of just guessed on the soft parts.
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Price drop to $100 on the helmet. After examining it closely, it's really not assembled all that well on the ears. I think some wingnuts or using a wrench is necessary to get the nuts secured or after you paint gluing them to the helmet since right now just using my hands to tighten the screw for the ears the upper part of the ears can rotate. (black primed resin pieces)
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