For Sale Mando (mudhorn) Plaques/helmet stand

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Hey guys,

Gauging interest in a run of wooden helmet stands and plaques with the mud horn insignia on them for your mando helmets. I recently made the wooden plaque pictured below for someone and now I have a ton of extra mud horn signet castings. The one I painted and finished for him was made to look like bone, but I also have casted a clear version. If interest rises, I might look into a pewter signet version as well.

The plaques would be made as depicted and will have a glossy, glass-like resin coating on the outside of the resin to contrast the satin, slightly rough texture of the bone finish.

Helmet stands are yet to be determined in design, but I will update with images once the design is finalized.

Ideal pricing right now would be:

plaque- $30 USD
Helmet stand- $45 USD
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