Mandalorian knee armor build on a budget

Hey guys! Well, it’s been a while. I’m back at it again. I am now about 60% done with my pre beskar scratch build. With work and life in general, my goal is to try to have everything done by Christmas. I’ve included my latest knee armor build, all done from scratch with an aluminum frame, foam with outer resin shell, and knee darts from cpvc pipes, sculpted and covered with resin, weathered, and finished with rub n buff. I’ve included photos from the build. Hope you like it. Feel free to chime in.
1129F631-8220-44A1-AFB4-593C461C67C4.jpeg A73E29E4-57E6-4CBA-85B0-BE3A04B76901.jpeg 7D429075-CB19-4761-93DE-44F2C9D61D19.jpeg 573AC3E5-516D-43EB-84FB-7FE86DA23C43.jpeg 7E39B8D7-7D4C-4E45-99BC-2D6E6E486A13.jpeg 3D7FFAB5-A84B-4B23-BFAD-F27CC4BB2A50.jpeg 2D176047-CA23-45F7-9A30-D53356260588.jpeg 2A420547-55CF-4E8D-ACE7-EF083AA67DE7.jpeg 1594F7A4-E01B-44C9-B913-B668517E0D73.jpeg C6B4CFD7-7E87-430F-A0AC-90D553A0BAD7.jpeg CF4C34CB-5449-4F63-AA28-AA441F881ACF.jpeg 37542D86-F75E-43F9-BF08-CC227A6291DD.jpeg 858D3959-4780-4FEE-808C-F158EFBEBC83.jpeg