For Sale Mandalorian armor set, fiberglass/epoxy resin

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Full set of glasses epoxy resin Mandalorian armor. This was created by Branfuhr studios, and is a very well made set. Scaled to fit someone in the 5’10” range.
All casts are very clean, only the smaller pieces require some flash removal. Does include the separate whistling bird launcher, and the mud horn emblem if you want to add it to the shoulder bell.
All the large parts are ready to clean and prime, no print lines to fill, and is surprisingly light.
You can check out Branfuhr studios on IG.
Got a little ahead of myself and ordered this before REALLY deciding on a version. As I settled on the original beat up style ep1S1 Mando, it’s time to attempt to move this.
Asking $850 for the set.


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