Man of War, New Rubber Cod-piece "Pics"

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Hey Guys,

Been ah while...Here's an update for anyone who gives a darn :p

New RoTJ gauntlets are in the oven and should be available very soon.

A new stubbier version ESB/ RoTJ rubber knee armor is in the works including a rubber Jango version which I'm sure I'll regret since everyone it seems has drifted from Boba heavy metal to Jango lighter metal..

Feel'n ah little alone out here :rolleyes

Finishing up a few ordes as we speak but I wanted to introduce the new rubber cod-piece to the forum...This was a tricky one but it came together nicely I think :p

Here are the details:

Front a rear panel sections are entirely made of high quality semi-ridged rubber "No more cracking or spliting of material"
Waist size from 32 to 42 adjustable.
Connects with 2 rubber/ Nylon screw bolt design.
Elastic understap with white metal snap.
Cost is $150.00 complete (non-painted)

Interested collectors please send me a pm and I'll get back to you as soon as I can..This will be a limited run due to my workload.

Thanks again,

Christian :)
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Amazing! I cant believe it's rubber! You have been putting out some great work bud!


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hahaha! anyone makes anything these days and a few of us jump on the rotj gauntlets ;)

i don't say this to many men, but "nice codpiece ya got there!"

Mikey Fett

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Can I ask a question?

How do you handle painting this rubber? Worried it may crack when it bends or not stick unless you use a certain kind

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Good question...The rubber I'm using has very good density to it meaning it holds it shape very well while at the same time giving you the flexibility you need in a knee armor or a cod..Saying that, off the shelf and performance topcoats hold very well to the rubber except for the occasional bleed-out which can happen during the mixing and/or curing process of the actual prop. This is usually due to a bad mix or oxidized product etc. "This has happened to me on a few occasions over the years but it's not a great concern as long as you take the necc. precautions". Keep your topcoats down to a minimum. As long as your coats are'nt to thick you should'nt have a problem with cracking at all..I have'nt run into any problems with both the knee armor or the cod and I actually doubled up on the primer coat on both of those props..Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the encouraging words guys..really appreciate it !!

Have had some inquiry's about Jango versions...knee armor and cods.

Any thoughts.....

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This new rubber armor has to be the coolest thing to hit the Fett community TO DATE!!

Kudos on keeping the ever growing evolution of costume choices open!!(y)


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You know bro, while it probably would be expensive to give me a thought...Clonetrooper armor. Flexible armor...comfortable to wear...8)


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Christian, the item I know would sell like hotcakes is rubber TOESPIKES! If you did 'em they would be great! Using a thin metal backing so they wouldn't rip away from the screws would work well for function. Or even just a thin metal strip in the rubber. I'm gettin' excited just thinking about what you could do!


Next come rubber gauntlets, ESB flamethrower, rubber armor, rockets, darts, anything that can get caught on something and break. :rolleyes

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Mando Fett,

That's good thinking "Toe-spikes" hmmm :)

I do make the ESB flame unit and rocket out of rubber..have for some time very well, actually it's a different rubber that's more dense and less flexible.

Worked my bu off trying to make a quality rubber gauntlet but ran into problems..To get the rubber thin enough I had to use a less flexible rubber but it would'nt hold up to the I then went with a more flexible version rubber but had to make the gauntlets to thick to hold there shape..That didn't work either !

To make a thin rubber cast that's strong and flexible has to be done professionally with heaters and metal slush molds...looked into several company's....Estimated cost to get a complete Boba Fett costume made of high strength vinyl rubber ????? Ready, $100,000.00 minimum 10,000 units

I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I got that news....The other company's were damn near the same figure as well :eek:
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Wow, all I can say is it's exciting to talk to you about creating this stuff! You really "git 'er done!" :lol:

Geez, where have I been? I don't think people know that you make a rubberized ESB Flamethrower or Gauntlet Rocket. That's killer, especially for kids since they're rough on their props. Could you post some pics of those please?

I can't believe you've already tried rubber gauntlets, that's crazy! Did you try a thin vac-formed inside w/ a rubber coating? You could possibly get a strong, stiff but flexible gauntlet that way. It sounds like you're way smarter than I am though and you've probably thought of it already.

Take care, and I'll look forward to your next greatest invention!