Custom Mandalorian Mal Jendri, bounty hunter of Rekkiad (W.I.P, and alittle pic heavy)


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hello! i am currently in the process of making my own suit of mandalorian armor for Motor City Comic Con 2015 and wanted to share my progress so far with you guys!

(P.S this is my first time even attempting something like this, so please try to go easy on me! :lol:)

so far i've got my helmet all finished, the base helmet is a rubie's jango fett 2-piece bondo'd together at the seems, the weathering was achieved using toothpaste in random spots on the silver basecoat

i added the symbol boba fett bears on his right breastplate to the right earcap/rangefinder housing

also added a mandalorian symbol to the left earcap and a random arrow pattern/accent to the left of the dome, both the symbols and arrow pattern are water applied tattoos then gently scraped at with my finger nail to add that weathered look

back view, might cut the vent slats out but i'm not sure

top view of the dome

the look and feel of the armor i will be making will be something of a transitional look between old republic MMO mandalorian, and modern era merc something like Sabine wren where i won't have as much armor, but just enough

armor pics to follow soon as i work on it!


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costume's all finished! i kind of went for a "1313 boba fett" feel and aesthetic to kind of get my feet wet with making a costume like this, well that and i feel my character to be something of a frozen tundra/desert nomad of sorts (this is LITERALLY the first time i've made a costume like this from scratch) these two shots are from a good friend of mine who was kind enough to do a photoshoot with me upon request, i'll upload more pics once he sends them to me