Make my gauntlets "kid sized"!


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Thought I'd share the progress of my son's gauntlets for his custom Mando suit. Spent all last weekend fabricating them. The wife was a little irritated I spent so much time in the garage, but the final product was well worth it to my son and I ;). I went for an acceptable cross between Boba and Jango gauntlets so they could be modified and/or trimmed either way and still be as accurate as possible. I still have to trim out under the calculator pad but I'm not quite sure how much since I'm not to familiar with Boba's.

I'm going to try my hand at the right gauntlet this weekend.

I'd like to learn how to make molds and casts so that I can recreate them in fiberglass and/or resin, so any points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

The last pic is of them next to Dad's gauntlets!(y)

Let me know what you think or how I can improve them!
















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That looks awesome man!(y) I'm a horrible father! My boy only has store bought Power of the Force gauntlets! (I can't let him see this thread!);)
lol!!! you guys are too funny. Let me figure out how to make molds of these and casts in resin or fg and I'll make em available. I'd say they're good for any sized kid that isn't big enough for the smaller adult gauntlets out there. And yeah, we got the POTF gauntlets too and they just didn't make the grade with my 8 year old who acts like he's a teen.

Thanks for the compliments guys! Amazing what can be done with a little 1/8" sintra, bondo, and superglue!
Glad you like.

later and thanks again for the kind words,

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My Dad is an Alcoholic and hasn't been much of a Father to me.. I still love him though.

Your Boy is lucky though. Lucky man. If only I had as much fun as that..
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