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Hey all,

I have had a few emails and DM/PM's over the past few weeks about doing another run of Aluminum FPH2 ears. In order to make it happen, we would need 12 commitments. Price would be the same as last time at $399 shipped within the US. If you know anyone who is looking for Aluminum Ears for their FPH2 send them to this thread and we'll see where this goes. As far as time-frame, once we have the 12 spots full, we would be looking at 3-4 weeks of lead time before we begin shipping.

Ear Kits will Include:
-CNC Machined Aluminum Ear Pieces w/ Pocket for Microswitch (Microswitch Not Included)
-Accurate Brass Pivot Screw
-HOLLOW Rangefinder Stalk
-Attachment Hardware

Please email me with your interest at with your TDH username and post in this thread, and I will add you to the list. Once we have 12 commitments I will send out emails for payments and we'll begin shipping as soon as they arrive. International orders will cost an additional $30 for USPS Priority International shipping.

Reservation Spots:
1. Mandalorian 70 - SHIPPED
2. Gustavohm - SHIPPED
3. David Neth - SHIPPED
4. Evnltr - SHIPPED
5. Skyfire - SHIPPED
6. Tennantlim - PAID
7. MachineCraft - PAID
8. Raizo - PAID
9. Sutt4869 - PAID 1/2

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