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Hi all,

I have been deep cleaning my office, and have some Gen 2 helmets from my personal collection that I am letting go of. All helmets below will be available on a first-come first-serve basis, and all helmets will include a set of our Definitive OT Helmet Ears and Borden included in the price. Helmets will ship within a week, and Metal Ears will be shipped separately once they arrive (they are currently in production). I will do my best to keep descriptions brief, so if you have any questions, please let me know!

Please send all inquiries to:

***SOLD*** Helmet 1) ESB-MC# 001 - $1800 F/F obo ***SOLD***

This is the first ESB-MC helmet we ever pulled. This helmet was cast by myself and is VERY heavy. Ideally this would be best as a standalone display piece, rather than being worn. This helmet has been used countless times around the office to measure and prototype off of. If you are someone who loves Fett costuming history, you could say this was the one that started something much bigger.

IMG_8615.jpg IMG_8616.jpg IMG_8617.jpg IMG_8618.jpg IMG_8619.jpg

Helmet 2) Visor Removed - $750 F/F obo

This is a Gen2 helmet that has had the visor removed. The outside has been primered, and the inside has been painted blue by Superjedi. Unfortunately the painter that was going to paint this for me fell through, and the helmet was left unsupported and developed a crack in the gelcoat. However, slight pressure on the mandible seals it up pretty well so I think this will be an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing. I will include a close-up of the crack in the photos.

IMG_8601.jpg IMG_8602.jpg IMG_8603.jpg IMG_8604.jpg IMG_8605.jpg

***SOLD*** Helmet 3) ESB Correction Work - $1000 F/F obo ***SOLD***

This is another 2nd Gen helmet. This helmet has had ESB-era correction work done to it to remove damage that wouldn't have been there at the time. I had originally intended to have this painted as ESB just won't have the space for it. There are a couple gel-coat separations at the top that will likely need filled prior to painting (See photos).

IMG_8606.jpg IMG_8607.jpg IMG_8608.jpg IMG_8609.jpg IMG_8611.jpg IMG_8612.jpg

If these don't move we will reevaluate pricing on them; It is a little hard to gauge since 2nd Gen helmets haven't been made available continuously.


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