Mac or Pc?

Scott Kaufmann

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PC, I'm not that fond with just about everything with Mac. Especially the "Mac image".
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I hated macs (no reason), until we got one for the family, never had any problems with it. But if I were ever to buy a computer for myself, I would get a PC so I could play all my favorite Novalogic games.


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I'm a PC fan, mostly because I've never owned a Mac. I briefly used one when visting the Apple Store in Chicago and thought it was pretty cool. When it comes down to it I would most likely buy a PC because I'm far more familiar with the system.

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I started out with PCs myself and then made the switch to Macs a few years back. Never regretted since. The lack of viruses, spyware and all slowing down my comp is a thing of the past.

Dont get me wrong, I still use my Dell for a few things, but my G4 gets the most usage.

Just me.

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They both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, as long as the mac isn't the primary platform for desktop gaming...I won't be buying one.


Been a Mac user for over ten years. But the new Macs are Intel and dual bootable so they can run both the Windows and OS X operating systems.

The only reason I would buy or build a PC is if I needed to have a cheap Windows machine with a parallel/serial port for a homebrew CNC or computerized foam cutter.

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I have been a PC/Mac user for about 9 years. And I would just like to say that I use my PC's at work, and my Mac when I get home. They both have their strong and weak points. I think we can all agree that PC's/Mac's suck. I am waiting for someone to come out with a computer that gives us the best of both worlds.


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Mac's have handles on them so it is easier to carry them to the dumpster. :lol:
If you uninstall all of that useless extra **** that comes with windows, it won't crash....unless you keep going to those porn sites and click everywhere. Who really needs all those crappy fonts anyway.

They both suck. They suck because they try to please every kind of user at the same time instead of offering a basic os and offering software packages for web development, or digital imaging, or whatever. Mac is a bit more stable, but when one crashes, it is more difficult to recover lost documents. When a pc crashes, you just turn it back on (most of the time.)

I hope I have not offended anyone...

well, no one important anyway.:p

Art Andrews

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Been a diehard PC fan for years but am slowly being turned... mostly by Microsoft's inability to do anything but come out with more and more bloated software as it goes. With Macs now being Unix based and with the fact that you can dual boot... it is getting harder to justify a PC.