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M_S 2 1 spot available.

All helmets are spoken for now. Thank's to everyone who showed there interest. Kits will go out in the order I recieved payment.

1. dengar99 Arrived
2. SpideyFett Arrived
3. bobafett669 PAID and SHIPPED
4. Talesin Arrived
5. DreadPirateRoberts PAID and SHIPPED
6. mookie Arrived
7. mookie Arrived
8. Laan

I have to come up with a better name, there are too many helmets that sound simular. Well it would appear to be a popular week for showcasing new helmets. I've been working on this in my spare time the last couple months and its almost complete. THe earcaps and RF are still pretty rough and I'm designing a new 4 peice RF that will match the ESB helmet that will have a clear section that will pop in. Based on the old M_S bucket this helmet is slightly larger with crisper detail. There really hasn't been any surface that wasn't Filled, sanded or all together rebuilt or replaced. I feel this will be a very easy kit to assemble. Feel free to PM me with your feedback if there is something you feel needs to be changed before the molding process. I've added a pic of the old helmet side by side with the new.






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Looking fantastic...you truly have a knack for this! Let us know when you get it finished with it...I'd like to be the first to get on a sign up list for this baby. Keep up the good work Marrow Sun.
Wow. Simply amazing. The mandible gap appears to get wider down the face of the helmet. I was under the impression that the gap width is constant. Is this a camera angle thing?

Keep us updated on the progress.
I think the camera distorded it a bit. I don't see it as being to big of an issue when costructing the helmet. Once the area is trimmed away and the new visor is placed in everything will line up straight. I may go back and correct this before molding. Thanks for the input.
Right there!
The definitive Boba Fett Helmet!
That is truly remarkable! I have to say that I especially like what you have done to the RF Earcap! That is much more Screen Acurate then the first one but I really like all the improvements!
The new helmet looks fantastic! (y) I agree with E2K13, the RF ear cap came out real nice and much more screen accurate.

As far as the name goes, you could always call it:
M_S v2.0
M_S Part Duex
M_S Reloaded
M_S Returns
M_S Strikes Back :D
Do you have one that is dent-free? Perhaps with a slightly altered back ventalation configuration? Umm, by the way... Fa-Reakin' Awesome!

The color is good too. Can it be replicated in gloss-white as well? Send me a PM to where I send my PayPal. I am ready.

Your Fan,


p.s. - You and BKBT are rockin' the bucket world hands down. And I must add that you have been blessed with the absence of pee-diddly, micro analytical, hyper-scrutinizing quibbling on the lack of molecular dimensional perfection in your replication to the real bucket like BKBT has...kudos friend. You must have your camera set on a better focal length too! HA!
I don't have many photo shop skills so there were no digital overlays done or anything like that. Everything I do is by eye or on advice of people who know better than myself.
C'mon, you know I've always liked the name "Enigma".

I say call it the Enigma 2 or E-2 if you need an shorter version.;)

Nice job by the way. Looks awesome.
Man. You're just gonna keep finding ways to get my money, huh? That's freakin awesome, I can't wait to see it finished. I'm particularly interrested in the new RF you described. You can put me on the list for one as soon as it's ready.

As for a name, I don't think it needs one. It's just the helmet. Outstanding. :cheers
You're killin' me! I haven't even painted your "first" helmet yet. :)

Keep up the great work. How goes it with your "other" work? PM me. :)
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