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Lower armour-Done!

Project Done!See edit below about lower armor and those who are on the claim list. Only 6 that were totally finished were made.

Old post sometime last year:
So, we aren't finished yet, we still have to insert the upper wires, tape the edges, and finish glueing all the leather down and sew the nylon straps. Things that are done are the dyeing, sealing, weathering of leather, sculpting, casting, painting, weathering of the resin parts. There is an added bonus feature on some-which are the hose plugs you see, which I will have have to explain later, but just wanted to get you guys the preview of the almost finished product ;) Please don't ask me how much, how many I have in my possesion, or when they will be finished. This post is only to let yall know that the reason why I and my hubby have been so quiet on the boards about costuming, is because this is what we've been working on. Constant update progression on our construction would have been too time consuming for us to do. So, instead, here are pics for your viewing pleasure :D


Edit **
Those on the claim list:
1) Langsuir666
2) MaulMaus Happy C3'er
3) Ragresen Dwnpymt
4) Hothgirl
5) DarkTrooper Happy C3'er
6) Lady Zam Paid

I am sorry for those that I have talked to earlier, but list is closed. I confused 2 people on this list as being one person. List closed as of Monday April 19 at 3:00 pm e.s.t.
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Those look fantastic ZIA! Congrats to both you and your hubby on such a terrific job! :D (y) :D

Okay... now I know you said NOT to ask... but I can't help myself... Will they be done before SWC3?

*pulls self out of pit of despair....*

Okay... okay..... *sighs*

Guess I'll just have to go as a half naked Zam? ;)
That looks awesome ZIA!! :)

I noticed you incorporated your hose attachment to fit the hose I sent you. I recently found two places that carry that hose so if anyone needs a hose, I'd be happy to pick one up for y'all. I can't remember off hand what they're selling for these days but like with the beads, I'd just ask for enough to cover the cost and shipping. Probably be around $12.00 or so. If there is interest, I'll check for sure. :)

[/hi-jack] ;)
:eek: MonCal... you found the hoses? :eek: ... I had no idea! :facepalm

Where did you find it? Is there a brand name or something? Do you have a picture...

Oh... you know I want one... (erm... two I mean ;) )- don't you? ;)
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Well, actually it's not an exact hose.... just the one we basically settled on. Yvonne has one on her costume and it's not that another 1" hose won't fit her attachments, it just happens that this hose fits nicely :)

I used to have pics in the hose thread but I noticed they're not working anymore. As soon as I have time to get on my other PC, I can put up another pic in the hose thread.
Yup yup, actually, Zam I Ain't fitted the plugs for the upper hose >0< connector piece to fit that hose. But, only a certain number of the connectors have the ability to have the plugs unscrew for "other" types of hose installation. So, hence-voila! removable plugs. :) All Zam I Ain't did was cut, weather and paint the hose from Moncal. And yay! cool lower armour. He tested several methods to get those screws to work with the resin so that plugs would fit properly. I am still glueing some stuff together ;)
So... this means progress was made this holiday weekend? Despite the fact you're supposed to eat until you can't move, and lay on the couch the rest of the weekend, getting nothing done? ;)

Actually, I got quite a bit done! (y) Holster just needs the snaps and the cumberbun just needs the boot hooks - and those puppies are done! :D :D
Limited edition: 6 lower armour fully completed, weathered, assembled, painted, dyed, sealed, sewn ... you name it, it's in there, like ragu. First 6 to email me at Zamiam@comcast.net about it get their questions answered first. Yes, they fit Moncal's hoses, the same hose which fits the austrailian hose connectors.
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