Looking to make 501st ready Boba helmet


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I’m looking to make a 501st Legion ready Boba Fett helmet starting with the helmet. I’m not sure if I should make my own or if there are good kits available. I know the kits are often very accurate and well made but cost more and you lose out on the whole building from scratch thing. Can i get some advice on where to start?


Hello and welcome.
Have you decided which Fett you want to build? There are a lot of makers out there that cater to the various iterations. :)


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The helmet is in my eyes the hardest part to scratch built. You need a lot of crafting experience to make one that looks hood and will be 501st approved. I would buy a kit. The armor and Jetpack are much easier to make by sourself. Thing about that: the helmet ist the most important part to make your Boba look right...or like a mess...