Looking for a Resin or inexpensive Gauntlet Rocket / Missile


Jr Hunter
Hi guys,

I am looking for a cheap gauntlet missile fairly accurate for my slowly building fett,

I made my own gaunts from the WOF Templates http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f25/boba-fett-rotj-gauntlets-39965/#post527691, (now I am making my own scratch built jetpack :D) i'll post progress pics later. this is a great community to get all the info from.

so please if anyone can offer me a rocket I would appreciate it.



also I am located in Sydney Australia.

I know Man of War makes resin rockets with his gauntlets on ebay. Maybe you could pm him and ask for that part specifically?

If you want to make one yourself though, a thin pvc pipe and those rubbery ends of car window wipers would make a decent stalk I think. Maybe make the head of the missile with either foam, resin, or some other material?

Good luck either way!

chibi fett

Active Hunter
Bobamaker also sells rockets for you. Just send him an email regading this, and get it sorted out.

And yes, I asked permission from Bobamaker to post this info..


Jr Hunter
sweet, but now I've decided to custom make my own missle, I post later how it comes out.

Thanks Guys