Looking for a Good accurate, vest. And/or advice.

Hey all.
Can't thank everyone enough for all the pointers and advice you've offered so far in my quest.
I need your help yet again.

I'm looking for a good accurate flak vest. I received one from the TK-409 site. It's a great vest, VERY well done. Only problem is the arm holes are tight on me. So I need a new one made.
Has anyone else bought one of these. I was told I can get another one made no problem, just the standard wait time. I would like to know if this is an accurate design, material color etc. She was/is a great person to deal with and don't have an issue going back to her.

Please offer your opinions and or experiance. I tend to make mistakes cause with work I don't have the time to do tons of research.
You all are a god send.

Thanks, and Happy New year.

I think I will probably stay with Tk's person. she is great to deal with. and does really sweet work. Just wanted to get some others thoughts. Your all a wealth of information for me as well as a sounding board.
thanks for the replies, keep em comin