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Well its almost done, I just need the wonderfull comunity of TDHers on how much i should trim off because its obviously huge compared to my pouches.

So heres what I did

Follow Cruzers instructions!:lol: Well as best you can...
I did a few things different
Instead of Acetone, i used brakecleaner, Im working on my engine so i had pleanty of it lying around used two bottles.

Instead of a trash can thingi i taped sections down at a time (that were glued obviously) to my dresser.

When it was all dry i sprayed more brake cleaner on a rag and wiped it down a few more times.

Only problems
The cracks are still that orange color so i think i might follow cruzers advice once again and spray some brown paint of sorts then wipe it off.

I purposefully glued all the strands i had A) because what ever i cut off is going to be a belt (or braclet) for my GF. Unless i dont cut anything off.

Oh also in the pics you can see Cruzers SPECTACULAR job matching the dying of Seekers SPECTACULAR ammo pouches. Thanks to Cruz, Seeker and this wonderfull communtiy that I am proud to be a part of!:cheers

There are sooo many pictures that It just might be easier to go to photobucket.com and search HeroOfTime2005

And while your there check out my flash movie frame by frame(y) and 2nd motion tweening
You're the man! Looks great bro. Love the pics of the belt being all taped up to the dresser! :lol: Never knew a dresser could be good for that!

Keep it up

Thanks guys, so how much do you think i should trim off, theres about 5 or 6 extra strands on the bottom and 4 on top ( from the end of the pouches) Im thinkin just two on top and bottom.

Thank Laan for the link.
These pics of the real deal might give you an idea of how much to trim.


Belts - Pouches Side Left 02.jpg

Belts - Pouches Left.jpg
ALL Done!

Well all done with my girth belt, i trimed it up and punched the holes and tried it on. The whole set up isnt fully tightened just because:lol: so anyway. Thanks again to Cruzer and Seeker!:cheers


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