LOADS of high Quality heavy pics and videos of JangoUri Costume 2.0


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Hey guys! thanks for all your replies on the other trhead! There are so many Images and videos I would like to show that i´ve deceided to make a new thread.

Here are pics of the event I went two days ago. The pics need a few time to load cuz the quality is quite high.

Jango getting into the underground:


:love ... I mean :eek: :angry :lol:

Just shut up and smile






Some Jet Pack Shoots:








And here are a pair of videos. Medium-Low Quality

I hope you enjoy it!!

Thanks everyone!!
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That is one wicked awesome Jango I see in those pics and videos! Great job on it and congrats on an excellent finished product! (or as finished as any Fett costume can be).


Oh, and AWESOME gun twirl in video!!!
:eek: SWEET, Awesome suit man! That cartoon chick with her hands on her..um..you know, is very...80's:lol:
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Awesome! Thanks for the Photo fest!
Thats JD Armor yeah? And maybe a BKBT bucket?
Did you use Rub'n buff or paint, (like Alclad 2) on the them?
Very nice looking vest & jumpsuit too!
You've done The Dented Helmet proud!

I'm speechless.

I don't think I have ever seen such a great looking fan-made Jango. Perfect fit for you, and everything looks in proportion. Love the vest, the armor just hugs it tight!

Outstanding job - definately an inspiration for the rest of us.
CaptJono said:
Thats JD Armor yeah? And maybe a BKBT bucket?
Did you use Rub'n buff or paint, (like Alclad 2) on the them?
Very nice looking vest & jumpsuit too!

Here's the specs on his suit...

JangoUri said:
Helmet: BKBT
Chest, thigh, shin, Cod, shoulders, feet and collar: JD
Boots: Real Kenneth Cole
Holsters and belt: Made of Leather, from an ebay user.
Jumpsuit: Self Made with cruzer´s fabric
Blasters: MR Blasters
Gloves: 2$ Ebay leather gloves
Gauntlets: MoW
Knee: Starfortress Productions
Jet Pack (Not shown in the pics): MLC
Flak Vest: Starfortress productions
Girth Belt: Self Made
Thanks you all guys! I´m also really happy with this!

the whole armor is Rub n Buffed with Silver Leaf colour :cheers

FirstSonofsolo, yep, the hose busted off, but well, i think that´s nothing that cannot be repaired aswell.

chewiepal said:
hey "muy buen" jango, very good!!!!!

Wow! A spanish Buddy! PM Replied :D
Well, "muy buen" has a different connotation. Muy bien is more like: Very well, and "muy buen" jango is more like: Very good jango
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