Llats Ward, new Mandalor found!


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Here is a dented variant I found searching for starwars toys and things.
An Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Wars Mystery Pack Action Figures.
He looks awesome, also the clones rock!
someone needs to do this variant.
The story behind the character is listed there also.

"Llats Ward was a mercenary, hand-picked by Jango Fett to train his clones on the rainy ocean world of Kamino. Everything in the life of Llats revolves around battle and war. He has studied and memorized the campaigns of all the great Mandalorian leaders of the past, and uses these as lessons to enhance the clone troopers' fighting skills."-EE website

Check out the link.


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that he would sarim...im not sure wether i like this or not...its a pretty good EU custom based on the VOTC boba fett figure (the only super articulated mandalorian figure ever) but with a removable helmet...whcih sucks btw...look at the helmet in the pic...its too small and warped out of shape...i never was a massive fan of the entertainment earth custom stuff but this is one of the worst ive seen....i'll still buy it though lol


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Yeah, he realy hasen't been found....Hasbro decided they could milk a couple people for a simple kitbash/repaint....


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ya, it's just a boba repaint in my opinion. However I do like the concept. Who knows who else trained the clones ya know? There are hundreds of thousands of clones, so the fact and possiblity of several hundred trainers, mando and otherwise, is quite broad.
I don't like the way the head looks on that figure...too baby-faced...but I'll be buying it anyways.

In related news.....


Found here.

It looks really cool, but has anyone else noticed that this is the THIRD figure in the "Unleashed" line that has the same sculpt with basically just the helmet and one or two other things changed (Clone Trooper, Clone Shock Trooper, ARC Heavy Gunner)?
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i thought there was 100 mando cuy'val'dar and then the rest wer trained by non mandalorians

75 of the Cuy'Val Dar were Mandalorian, 25 were not.

Commander Bacara was trained by non-mandalorian cuy'val dar member Cort Davin (although he was a Journeyman-protector, some articles say we was not a Mandalorian SuperCommando).


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aaah right...my sw history of the clone wars period isnt great...my knowledge of the past is up to scratch though i LOVE the kotor period


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lol yeah wave 5 rules man...i already got a small strike team of the stormies and i got sheelal on order as well as revan, malak and joda on the kybuck...its a pretty good wave...im not sure of the anakin though looks a bit off somehow...plus i agree with chris the mando does look about 10 lol