lil' somethin extra ;)


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We finished a little "extra" for the costume :)

Ahhh..... that purse just might come in handy! ;) Boba and Jango have lots of pockets and pouches... but not Zam... *sighs* Those are just too cool! Can't wait to see the whole costume live and in-person! :D
Heard the great news on the costume contest MonCal! Congratulations! Wish I had been able to see it! Didn't get to see much of anything Friday... :(

I'm very bummed that I didn't even get to see the costume in person! :( I want lots of pics! - please! -
Congrats! We were cheering for ya Kathy! I didn't get to see you win, but I saw ya when you walked up. Thar to REPRESENT! hehe..
Thanks guys / gals!! :)

I'm bummed I didn't run into all of ya. I got her to wear the costume for 3 days and somehow we still didn't see everyone. I did get to meet several of ya though :) and am glad!
Sorry, I just saw these replies ...doh!!

I bought some glow in the dark centipedes off ebay. The tube is acrylic tube. The ends are the clear plastic balls at hobby lobby. Have to use the same half so get two balls. The rings are from a pvc 't'. Just cut off the center of the 't' and I used a piece of plumbers tape / holy metal ;) .. and used a small round dremel ball to trace the hole in the tape. This left the center of the hole higher than the edge. I had to thread the acrylic tube on a pipe threader to fit in the pvc fitting.

thanks for the compliments
Thanks dgasser,
the bugs are just glow in the dark centipedes I found on ebay.

Yvonne, the O.D. of the clear acrylic tube is 2 1/4"
Did I ever tell you guys that I have a phobia about bugs? That's why I avoided especially this part of the costuming until now? UGH! Now I find that I HAVE to watch this part over and over again for some research and in-ACK-- slow-mo. It's so disgusting... Blech! I watched it (and man BTW, Moncal, you are really good on the pvc rings and such for accuracy.) Did you notice when the flying droid with the kouhoun dispenser lets them go, it's like two half circles that come apart. It must be me, but where does the top half acrylic ball of the tube go? It's just an odd thing to see it passed off from Jango to Zam all intact with no lines, then when the droid dispenser unleashes the tube on Padme, the top part of the tube is halved again and comes apart. Couldn't find any glow in the dark kouhouns on ebay either... ugh.. I hate bugs, I typed in centipede, millipede, yucky bugs...Sigh, just not my day for Zam research.
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