Custom Mandalorian LF: Advice on 1st Custom Mando Costume-


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I am looking to build a fully custom Mandolorian Costume.

A couple questions I have:
1. Would getting a Jango Fett helmet be the best option to create a custom helmet?
2. What is the best Voice Modulator to use inside the helmet?
3. Any tips or tricks you may want to share are all welcome!

Thank you in advance all fellow Star Wars enthusiasts :D


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Really a personal question on #1. Personally I'd get a jango type helmet from cruzer (his BKBT lid) as it's one of the finest kits out. Some people like the more custom looking mando lids. like those available from NME props, but every odd lid I've seen in person of some mando build almost always lacked something. Tended to look rather cheap.
At one point I had decided to go custom, using all the finest Jango parts, just using different colors. Grey suit/black vest. Grey paint on lid with red mandibles/band like the open seasons Jango. But in the end I opted to do a traditional Jango. So long story short, you won't regret the BKBT lid. Very nice.

As for #2, Deathproof here has been messing around with a voice mod that works from his Iphone. sounds pretty good, and it didn't set him back a whole lot.

#3, take your time. No need to rush something like this. Ask alot of questions as you move from working on one part of the costume to another. If you get frustrated, leave it for a day or so.
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